Domingo Molina 2014 “Hermanos” Valle de Cafayate Salta Torrontes ($14.99)

Domingo Molina

Clear, light straw color, with a faint greenish hue. Good, aromatic fresh-fruit aromas, peaches in the foreground, with a faint touch of a green herb like basil or tarragon behind. Ripe peaches are even more apparent on the palate, leading to the expectation of sweetness, but it’s not all fruit; bone dry and appropriately acidic, it offers a good medium-bodied texture, with touches of subtle stony minerality and snappy tangerines joining with the juicy fruit to balance the flavors in a very long finish

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Wine label mind games

La Posta Tinto with tasting notes on the label!

Does it bug you as much as it does me when a wine label puts a tasting report right up front and center? Consider if you will La Posta Tinto, an Argentine red blend that I picked up the other day for a penny under 13 bucks. There’s not a lot of information on the label. … But right up there in front, in gold letters on red, the label tells me what I’m tasting!

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Alamos 2014 Mendoza Malbec ($10.99)

Alamos 2014 Mendoza Malbec

Primarily Mendoza Malbec with a bit of Syrah and Bonarda, this is a dark, reddish-purple wine shading to a clear garnet edge. Ripe cherry-berry fruit on the nose carries over intact on the palate with a juicy, zippy flavor of black cherries, blackberries and plums plus a distinct grind of black pepper. A hint of warm spice suggests a touch of oak, but it’s not overpowering. Mouth-watering acidity and light but perceptible tannins build a good, food-friendly structure with a bit of warmth, not out of line at 13.5% alcohol.

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Domaine André Neveu 2015 Sancerrre le Grand Fricambault Rosé ($22.99)

le Grand Fricambault

This is a clear, pale salmon color wine, a pretty rosé. Delicate red-berry fruit aromas, fresh, subtle raspberries and strawberries, lead into a flavor of tart red berries, very dry, snappy acidity and a crisp, minerally “rainwater” quality in a crisp flavor that adds a touch of Meyer lemon as it lasts and lasts. Made from 100% Pinot Noir at 12.5% alcohol, it’s a very good rosé and a versatile food wine.

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A. Rupert 2014 “Protea” Western Cape (South Africa) Chenin Blanc ($14.99)

Protea Chenin Blanc

Very clear straw color with just a hint of brass. Good, characteristic Chenin aromas, subtle and hard to pick out … white fruit, maybe a hint of pear and fig, a whiff of beeswax, a faint heavy-floral note; it’s pleasant and appealing overall. Mouth-filling and medium-bodied, coats the palate with tart, rich white-fruit flavors with citrus overtones. Good, firm acidity. 13% alcohol, and at least nearly dry, only the juicy fruit giving a slight impression of sweetness. Its mouth-coating nature imparts an extremely long finish with a citric orange-blossom impression that takes a long time to fade.

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